Lepidoptera The Angle Shades Moth – Phlogophora Meticulosa

The Angle Shades Moths

Fig. 168.-The Angle Shades Moth.

This moth is so common and so widely distributed that it is almost sure to be taken by the young collector during his first season.

Its wings are scalloped on the hind margin, and their colour light ochreous, often tinged with pink or olive green, and marked with dark brown as shown in the illustration.

It is double brooded, the first brood appearing in May and June, and the second in September and October.

Angle Shades Moth

Angle Shades Moth -by Marie Law-

The caterpillar is green or olive brown, and thickly covered with white spots. It feeds on groundsel (Senecio vulgaris) and many other low plants, the first brood throughout the winter from November to April, and the second in July and August.