Lepidoptera The Cinnabar Moth – Euchelia Jacobaa

The family Eucheliida contains only four British species, two of which must receive a share of our attention. The first of these is the Cinnabar Moth, which is common in all localities where its food plants-the groundsel (Senecio vulgaris) and the ragwort (S. Jacobaa)-abound.

The Larva of Jacobaa Moth Fig. 112.-The Larva of Jacobaa Moth.

Its colours are so striking that a glance at its representation (fig. 1 of Moth PhotosPlate X) will render a written description quite unnecessary.

The caterpillar is a very familiar and conspicuous object. Its colour is bright orange, broken by several broad black rings; and its body is thinly covered with hair. When fully grown (July or August) it descends to the ground, and there changes to a smooth and shining reddish-brown chrysalis.

The moth appears in June or early in July.