Lepidoptera The Netted Pug Moth – Eupithecia Venosata

We now come to the enormous genus Eupithecia, containing about fifty small species, most of which are known as ‘Pugs.’ Many of these are only imperfectly known, there being yet much to learn about their earlier stages.

The Netted Pug Moths Fig. 197.-The Netted Pug.

The Netted Pug flies in May and June, and is to be found in most parts of Great Britain. Its fore wings are brownish grey, crossed by two zigzag light bands, both of which are bordered with black, and divided throughout by a fine dark line. There are also other dark lines, both transverse and longitudinal, arranged as here represented.

The caterpillar feeds during July inside the seed capsules of campions (Silene Cucubalis, S. maritima, S. acaulis, and Lychnis diurna) and catchfly (Silene gallica and S. nutans).