Lepidoptera The Short-cloaked Moth – Nola Cucullatella

We select this common moth as a representative of the small family Nolida, which contains only five British species. These are all small insects. They are nocturnal in their habits, and may be found at rest on the trunks of trees during the daytime. The caterpillars are hairy, and undergo their metamorphoses within silken cocoons.

The Short-cloaked Moth Fig. 109.-The Short-cloaked Moth.

The fore wings of Cucullatella are pearly grey, with a dark patch at the base, a triangular spot on the middle of the costal margin, and wavy lines beyond this, parallel with the hind margin. The hind wings are grey, and devoid of any markings.

The caterpillar is of a brownish colour, with a line of lighter patches down the back, and it is covered with little tufts of hair. It feeds on the blackthorn (Prunus spinosa), whitethorn (Cratagus oxyacantha), and also on plum trees in our gardens during the month of May. The moth is on the wing during June and July.